Parking packages at Marseille Provence Airport

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Parking packages at Marseille Provence Airport

Depending on the situation, you will have to park for a few hours or on the contrary for several days or weeks in Marseille Provence . Whatever your needs, you will find a parking package that meets your expectations.

Parking packages less than 24 hours

To save time and especially not to stress when parking your car, reserve your parking space in advance. Choose from the parking packages offered at Marseille Provence Airport . Among these tailor-made offers, you have a 24-hour package for short-term parking. If you came to pick up or drop someone at the airport, if you are there for a freight commission, this 24-hour package is the best way to park your two- or four-wheeled vehicle.

Long-term parking packages at Marseille Provence Airport

Long-term packages of three days or more are specifically for travelers. Of course, for a weekend getaway for example or for a lightning trip, you will find in the range of parking packages offers of 2 or 3 days. Beyond that, you have the choice between 4 to 6 day packages, a week package or packages ranging from 8 to 31 days. Whatever your needs, book your place in advance. This guarantees you a free parking space for the duration of your choice from a given date.

Parking fee: park at Marseille Provence airport for more than a month

Are you going on a long family holiday? Meet at the airport with your car for a comfortable start. What start the holidays without stress. The question now is where to park your car while you're away. You should know that there are parking packages at the airport of Marseille Provence that allow you to park your car for more than a month. By organizing your stay, book a Month package to which will be added daily supplements. With 24/7 security and video surveillance, your vehicle will be safe. Go away serene!


For parking needs of a few hours or a month or more, book a parking pass at Marseille Provence Airport in advance. With our Onepark mobile app or our online booking platform , you'll find and book your car park in just a few clicks.