Disabled access to parking at Marseille Provence Airport

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Disabled access to parking at Marseille Provence Airport

If you are looking for parking with disabled access to Marseille Provence airport car parks, make it easy for you to find your place online, on the website or via our mobile application and book early to park your car!

Parking for disabled people: a reminder of standards

In accordance with the law, handicapped access to the car parks at Marseille Provence airport have been developed. These reserved spaces respect the rules established to facilitate the parking of persons with reduced mobility (PRM). The car parks have, among other things, an additional side space of 0.80 wide compared to standard spaces, in order to simplify access for wheelchair users. The reserved car parks are also indicated by signs and have a white pictogram on the ground. The location provides secure access to sidewalks.

Find a place with disabled access to parking at Marseille Provence Airport

Some car parks with disabled access to the Marseille Provence airport car parks are located closer to the terminals within the airport. You also have a selection of car parks near the Marseille Provence airport . The parking lots are interior and closed, outside and closed or simply open (without fence). Be that as it may, fleet managers are doing everything possible to ensure vehicle safety through guarding and video surveillance. For car parks located near the airport, a shuttle service (free or paid) is offered to facilitate access to the terminals.

Parking for PMR at Marseille Provence airport: booking formulas

It is often difficult to find a free parking space even more if it is a site dedicated to the disabled . To park quietly, why not book your seat in advance? Visit our online booking platform, indicate all the parameters concerning the desired parking (place for disabled at Marseille Provence airport, date and duration of desired parking, ...) and you will have the list of places available answering your expectations. This search can also be done using the Onepark mobile application. Once the place is found, book it online for free.


Easily find a parking space for disabled people through our online booking platform. Book your place in advance to park peacefully and enjoy a preferential rate!