Long-term car parks at Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport

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Long-term car parks at Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport

Long-term car parks allow you to travel for a few weeks without having to worry about the safety of your car while you're away. This step is to include in your preparations by making your booking of parking space a few days before your departure.

Lyon Saint-Exupery Airport

Located 25 km from the center of the city, Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport is a place frequented by millions of people per year. Despite the existence of five parking lots and two drop-offs in this airport, the 16,000 parking spaces are quickly overwhelmed. If you want to find a place, then you will have to rely on the private car parks that are in the immediate vicinity of the airport as well as on the numerous car parks of hotels that are nearby. When you find your long-term parking space, a shuttle service will pick you up and take you to the airport in a few minutes.

Choose your long-term parking

Choosing a long-term car park is not easy. Several criteria come into play: first, safety, but also the maintenance of your vehicle. If you are away for weeks, it would be interesting to opt for a cleaning service so that when you return, you can get a clean car and ready to use. You can choose from indoor or outdoor car parks according to your preferences.

Parking at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport, long-term packages


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