Disabled access to the car parks at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport

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Disabled access to the car parks at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport

In a car park , the law specifies that 2% of the total number of places available to the public must be reserved for people with reduced mobility . When you plan to park at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport , you will probably see places with signs that are provided for this purpose. These places are only reserved for people with reduced mobility and they must not be occupied by a valid person under pain of punishment.

Features of a parking space for the disabled

To have access to car parks for disabled people, you must have a parking card for handicapped persons issued by the prefect and validated by the doctor. Once parked, you must place this card behind the windshield, prominently for easy control. The parking space for the disabled must be near the main entrances: lobby, elevator, etc. When leaving the vehicle, the disabled person must be able to reach the sidewalk without danger or obstacle. To avoid accidents, the floor should not be loose or slippery. The parking space for disabled persons must be clearly identified by signs on the ground and in height. In addition to the markings on the ground, the place for disabled is protected by two signs: the B6d sign (forbidden to park and stop) and the M6h sign (except handicapped). PMR parking spaces must be at least 3.30 m wide. Although the length is not regulated, it is advisable to provide at least 7 to 8 m. The slope must not be greater than 2%. Valid persons who occupy a parking space for the disabled risk an impoundment and a fine (fines of 4th category) of up to 375 € without affecting the driving license points.

Find a place for disabled near the airport of Lyon Saint-Exupéry

Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport has a park with a capacity of more than 16000 places. It is an infrastructure that follows international standards for car parks. You can certainly find disabled access to car parks within the airport. To make your search easier and save you time, you can use Onepark's services and quickly find a disabled parking spot in just a few clicks.